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Want to join our efforts but not sure where to start? Make a Donation and take advantage of this incredible opportunity to lend your support. It’s a great way to contribute to our cause, and every little bit counts towards paving the path for a better tomorrow. Get in touch with us today for more details about how you can help.


Support the rescue or sponsor an individual rabbit

The rabbits we care for often come to us injured, severely neglected, or ill, and in need of expensive medical procedures.  All funds raised go directly to the bunnies, specifically medical bills, spay and neuter costs, housing supplies for foster homes, food, toys, and treats, and transport for bunnies across Oregon. Donate via PayPal, Venmo (@mcsrabbitrescue), check out our Amazon wish list, or contact us about local donations such as bags of food or transporting rabbits to and from foster homes. You can also sponsor an individual rabbit. Check out each bunny's listing for a link.

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Get Involved: What We Do
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Our rescue relies on the kindness of people who are willing to open their homes and hearts to a bunny in need. All supplies and information are provided. Some bunnies need a comfortable place to heal from surgery, some are experiencing what it's like to be a loved house bunny for the first time, and others need socialization to learn that humans can be amazing friends.

Foster requirements:

  • Indoor space for a 4' x 4' xpen

  • Additional room to roam indoors and/or supervised outdoor playtime (in an xpen) is a welcome plus!

  • Daily care (food/hay/water, litter box maintenance, tidy up their area)

  • Ability to keep the foster rabbit separate from other pets, if needed (we'll let you know)

  • No dogs with a high prey drive

  • Avoid plug-in air fresheners

  • Lots of love and patience as the bunny heals and/or acclimates to being a house rabbit

  • Send us cute pictures and updates!

Get Involved: What We Do
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Rabbits are fascinating creatures who deserve forever homes where they're safe and loved. Many come to us from horrible situations, some have been bounced around from auction to auction, and others have been dumped by people who have decided they (or their children) are bored. We strive to find them the stable indoor homes they've been denied.

Adoption requirements:

  • Our rabbits are family pets only. Not for breeding, culling, bait, etc.

  • No hutches or small cages. Bunnies need room to stretch out, explore, and entertain you with their aerobatic binky-ing skills. We can provide info on how to create the perfect rabbit set up. The correct setup is surprisingly inexpensive, costing less than hutches and cages!

  • We adopt our bunnies into indoor homes only. Supervised outdoor playtime is fine if your bunny enjoys it!

  • Adoption fees for spayed/neutered rabbits can vary based on a rabbit's individual situation. 

  • For an unaltered rabbit, we require a deposit of half the cost of their future spay or neuter, which we will then apply to your vet bill the day of your surgery. Our adoption contract requires the bun be spayed/neutered within six months. This is for their health and your peace of mind. Many inexperienced owners dump, abandon, or neglect their rabbits because of hormone-driven behaviors that resolve with a simple spay or neuter.

  • Should you not be able to keep your rabbit, we require that the bunny be returned to MCRRR. No rehoming or giving your rabbit away is allowed without our consent and screening process.

Get Involved: What We Do

Unable to adopt or foster? Consider sponsoring a bunny!

Sponsored donations go toward that individual rabbit's vet exams, any needed medication, and their spay/neuter. Currently, a neuter (males) costs $150, and a spay (females) costs $177. A vet exam that includes the very important back teeth check is $60. 

To sponsor a bunny, check out the adoptable rabbit page. Click on the "Meet" button for more information and to sponsor that individual rabbit, or make a general donation here.

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